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Into The Wood

The wood is the Energy, the wood is the Beauty and the wood is the Story.  What I must do is to respect all wood, shape it, refine it, and ultimately present it in all its inherent glory to our human eyes.  The wood speaks for itself, mesmerizing us all.


I do not stain wood or otherwise alter its color.  I prefer an extremely high level of sanding and polishing on turnings,  and on all creations I make a careful choice of protective finish.  I strive to bring the strength of grain and color resident in the wood forward, knowing it will flourish upon its own personality.

95% of the wood in the Into The Wood studio grew from seedling to old growth within 40 miles of my home in Michigan.  I've no need to travel across oceans to discover beautiful wood.  It is here every day.

If our visions mesh I'd be honored to help bring a moment of beauty to you.

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